Christopher’s Memes: I Ate the Bones … McCoy?!

I Ate the Bones?! Some people think “Bones” is ‘finger lickin good’ but I’m sure he’d rather not be eaten by hungry KFC customers! #iatethebones indeed.

Simmons MEME: I Ate the Bones?

Now in two types of white meat: classic DeForest Kelly flavor or new spicier Karl Urban flavor. Only available with Bones. Contrary to any TV commercials you may have seen, “Bones-less” is not available for this special meaty offer.

About this MEME: Inspired by the 2013 “I ate the Bones” TV commercials from KFC. (With apologies to both the late Mr. Gene Roddenberry and DeForest Kelly.)

VIDEO – KFC “I Ate The Bones” (YouTube):


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